Parashat Haketoret

February 13, 2015

I have been working on restoring a 200 year old Holocaust Torah and am happy to announce that next week the Torah will be completed. My next project is to write Parshat Haketoret on parchment. This is a segulah for parnassah – I have seen first hand how this segulah in fact works.

“Of all the sacrifices you offer, there is none dearer to Me than ketoret [incense]”, said the Almighty (Midrash Tanchuma).

I am writing only ten Ketoret – each with special Kavanot/intentions. Parashat HaKetoret is written with a quill on Torah parchment from Israel. It is written in the same script as Torah scrolls – either Bais Yosef or Arizal script. It is bound in a leather folder. For an extra $125, I will illustrate the Lamenatzeach in the design of a Menorah.

“One who fears for himself and for his soul should put great effort into this matter, namely to write the entire text of the ketores (the composition of the incense) on kosher parchment in ksav ashuris (the script in which a sefer Torah is written), and he should read from this scroll daily, once in the morning and once in the evening with great concentration, and I guarantee [that this will help].” – Seder Hayom

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The Zohar teaches that reciting the Parashat Haktoret will ensure blessings for livelihood, health, peace, and success in all one’s endeavors.

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